For the cluck of contentment

There’s nothing quite like it. The satisfying cluck of contented chickens is enough to bring joy to any backyard chicken-keeper or enthusiast. That’s just what Chicken Delyte™ is formulated to do. A new proprietary blend of botanical extracts, natural prebiotics, probiotics, select vitamins and other nutrition-boosting ingredients, just add Chicken Delyte daily to water for the health, wellness and vitality of your flock – even in times of stress. The clucks will convince you.

Perfect for all types of poultry

Specially formulated for backyard poultry, Chicken Delyte™, by Phytobiotics North America, delivers the benefits your flock needs, including:

  • Supports normal digestion and nutrient absorption for healthier, more robust poultry
  • Provides balanced, readily available source of nutrition-boosting ingredients
  • Formulated to be antibiotic-free
  • Maintains health, wellness and vitality of backyard poultry – even during times of stress
  • Easy to mix, administer and consume when added to fresh drinking water daily

Chicken Whisperer Testimonial:

The best thing about this product is that it’s science-based, fact-based and study-based by a global company with more than 18-years of experience. In the summertime, other than the heat stress and humidity, chickens are drinking more and eating less. Owners can be rest-assured that their flocks will get the vitamins and minerals they need. So, of course, in the summer I will push for drinking more water with Chicken DeLyte administered in it.

— Andy Schneider, The Chicken Whisperer


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