After all, you should know who makes the products you feed your poultry.

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From where they sleep, to how they live, to what they eat – you put care into everything you do for your birds. Knowing you’re relying on us to help is a trust we don’t take lightly at Phytobiotics. Our experienced team of scientists and practitioners apply their knowledge and expertise to solve the challenges you face in raising healthy, happy birds. And it shows in the products we develop and the benefits they deliver when you use them.

From our patented active substances to standardized plant ingredients and scientifically proven field trials, we put a lot of resources behind the promises we make to you. So, even though Phytobiotics is a global leader in sustainable, science-driven solutions, we’re never too big for your backyard.

From one to the world.

What started as one company with one employee 20 years ago has grown to include 73 countries and 137 scientific contributions. And yet, Phytobiotics remains a 100 percent family owned company. As such we’re able to remain independent in the decisions we make and embrace innovations more quickly.

And our team has grown to include scientists, veterinarians and nutritionists who work hand-in-hand with our partners and with the very people who use our products. It’s the best way we know to continue to achieve progress that meets your needs.

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