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Chicken DeLyte™ is a water soluble, oral nutritional supplement specifically formulated for backyard poultry founded on the latest research in poultry nutrition. It is the proprietary blend of a unique botanical extract, prebiotics, select vitamins and other nutrition boosting ingredients. It contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring, direct-fed microbials (probiotics).

Chicken DeLyte™ helps support the health, wellness and vitality (immunity) of all types of poultry. It is designed to help maintain normal appetite, digestion and performance during periods of stress such as hot weather, diet changes, shipping and receiving, peak laying, molting and during periods of reduced feed intake.


Chicken DeLyte™ is a botanically based product with added nutritional ingredients to support gut integrity and nutrient absorption in poultry of all types and life stages. It does not contain antibiotics.

You may contact the Customer Service Center who will determine if you have a technical issue that requires a referral to our Veterinary Technical Services team. The Customer Service team can handle all other product-related questions.

Yes. Chicken DeLyte™ is designed for poultry of all ages and life stages.

Yes. game birds, waterfowl, turkeys, ducks and geese can all benefit from the use of Chicken DeLyte™.

We recommend that a mixed solution be replaced daily. Discard any unused portion from the previous day before mixing new product.

Chicken DeLyte™ is designed to support the integrity of the gut, especially during times of environmental or physiological stress. Chicken DeLyte™ already contains electrolytes, probiotics and prebiotics along with select vitamins, so no additional supplements are required, thereby simplifying the management of your bird’s health and saving you money. Electrolytes are essential in maintaining bodily hydration. Prebiotics help the beneficial bacteria (probiotics) grow quickly in the digestive tract to balance out the gut microflora thus aiding in digestive health and nutrient absorption. The unique formulation of Chicken DeLyte™ makes it one of the most complete poultry supplements on the market.

Measure out a half scoop of the water-soluble powder into a half gallon of water.

No. Chickens are unable to digest the lactose in yogurt. Chicken DeLyte™ already contains probiotics, so you don’t need to feed additional beneficial bacteria.

Chicken DeLyte™ is designed specifically for poultry and is not intended for human consumption. No adverse effect is expected, but we advise that you contact your child’s doctor or health care provider.

While the ingredients in Chicken DeLyte™ are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for the intended use (i.e., poultry), we would advise that you contact your veterinarian.

Macleaya cordata is the scientific name for the plant from which the proprietary botanical extract in Chicken DeLyte™ is derived from. It is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for all poultry to help support feed intake.

Store at room temperature at all times. Tightly seal the jar between uses to maintain freshness.

When stored unopened and at room temperature, the product is good for two years.

Yes, the lot number and expiry date are imprinted on the orange bar of the left panel of the product label.

Yes, let it return to room temperature and the product should be fine. Please ensure that the jar is tightly sealed between uses.

Contact the Customer Service Center at for a replacement.

Chicken DeLyte™ can now be purchased on Ask your retailer if they stock Chicken DeLyte™.

Chicken DeLyte™ was specifically developed to be fed to poultry and is not recommended for other animals or for human consumption.

Chicken DeLyte™ contains probiotics specifically selected for their beneficial effects in poultry. Chicken DeLyte™ contains not less than 500 million colony forming units (CFU) of the following beneficial bacteria; Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus fermentum, and contains not less than 250 million CFU of Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis.

It is a common misconception that apple cider vinegar, with or without the mother of vinegar, contains bacteria beneficial to the gut. However, the strains found in apple cider vinegar are not specific to poultry and have not been shown to have a beneficial effect. The beneficial bacteria in Chicken DeLyte™ were specifically selected for use in poultry.

Chicken DeLyte™ can be fed once daily to support normal feed intake and gut health at the rate of 1 scoop per 2 gallons of water. The scoop size is 5 grams (about a 1.2 teaspoons).

Chicken DeLyte™ can be fed at the rate of 1 scoop of powder per 1 gallon of water during times of environmental or physiological stressors such as hatching, temperature changes, transportation, new environment, molting, feed and water changes, and peak laying.

At these mixture rates, Chicken DeLyte™ powder will make 36-72 gallons.

Anytime you put something in water, it provides a growth medium for anything that is present in the environment. This includes bacteria, fungus, mold, etc. All our ingredients are tested and are free of contaminates at the time of packaging. We recommend changing the water daily, so that your birds always have fresh, clean water available. This provides the best assurance that nothing has an opportunity to grow in the water.

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